Copy & Form Elements

Example of Various UI Elements

The following is a sample of the type of UI elements you can create for your site or app with the ability to easily implement one-off CSS customizations when needed.


  • One-off customization
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Look pa', I'm a standard alert!
I'm an alert with a secondary variant applied and an onClose handler
I'm an alert with a pending variant applied
I'm an alert with an error variant applied
I'm an alert with a disabled app state variant applied

All paragraph text have access to global default styles, that you define and customize in the theme. If you need to apply inline one-off CSS rules, you can. Same goes for links and any other HTML UI element you see on this demo page, e.g. an image, table, captions, etc.

Aliquip dolore ullamco occaecat magna ad cillum officia sint. Sit non esse ullamco incididunt qui nulla pariatur ex. Note: this is just placeholder text.

Grid Layouts (Intrinsic)#

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Create some snazzy forms with extensible data-collecting UI components, like the following: