This is a sample set of blog posts created with markdown files, yet are "React-friendly". The posts, at a high-level, showcase some components and utilities that this starter kit comes packaged with; in some cases, a post highlights certain patterns, like function composition, that come in super handy when building components.

    Gravatar for mbecerra@tesla.comMarch 24, 2020(5 months ago)

    Discoverability: Data Search & Async Fetching

    Finding information, and finding it fast and accurately, should be a key factor in your user experience strategy.Read moreabout this blog post

    Gravatar for mbecerra@tesla.comFebruary 23, 2020(6 months ago)

    Themeable, Extensible Icons

    Leveraging Theme UI and composition, GitHub's Octicons can be given responsive CSS style props on-the-fly!Read moreabout this blog post

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    Remote Data Fetching w/SWR

    Build a fast and reactive UI. SWR is a React Hooks library for remote data fetching.Read moreabout this blog post

    Gravatar for mbecerra@tesla.comDecember 15, 2019(9 months ago)

    Navigating Blog Posts

    Navigate blog posts using motion gestures, like swiping, and keyboard commands.Read moreabout this blog post

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    Create content using MDX, Headless CMS, and more!

    The starter kit comes preloaded with MDX configured, which makes it possible to create blog content using good ol' fashion markdown.Read moreabout this blog post

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    It's just HTML

    The basic structure of an HTML pageRead moreabout this blog post

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    Clarity Conference: A Design Systems Conference

    This is a conference that should be on the top of your list!Read moreabout this blog post

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    On Design Systems (Part Deux)

    A design system can be seen as your engineering and product team's set of standards, documentation, and principles along with the UI components to arrive at such standards.Read moreabout this blog post

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    Search Unsplash's API

    Find great photographers and their photos on Unsplash using their free APIRead moreabout this blog post

    Gravatar for mbecerra@tesla.comApril 07, 2019(a year ago)

    Create a counter with React's useState hook

    Keeping track of a number is a common use case. See how simple it is to do this using React's useState hook.Read moreabout this blog post